Free Keyphrase Extraction

Free tool to extract keyphrase mentioned in the text using state of the art Natural Language Processing


Keyphrase Extraction Results

Keyphrase extraction is the task of extracting crucial keywords that are related to the underlying content. Keywords are terms that describe the essence of a piece of writing. The term 'key' has a similar meaning, but instead of a single word, it refers to a group of words. The method of mechanically detecting significant phrases in a text is known as key phrase extraction. This tool uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect those phrases and their relevance to the text entered by the user. If you are interested in an API feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you.

extracting crucial keywords 99.0946%
underlying content 97.5002%
task of extracting 96.9339%
extracting crucial 96.9339%
crucial keywords 95.0837%
Keyphrase extraction 93.9538%
keywords 86.4159%
Keyphrase 85.8602%
content 85.8602%
task 82.7521%
extracting 82.7521%
crucial 82.7521%
related 82.7521%
underlying 82.7521%
piece of writing 81.9660%
extraction 79.8389%
describe the essence 78.5923%
single word 76.6836%
key 76.5538%
phrases 74.6046%